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Night Sequels – Eye Never Sleep (Official Music Video)

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On Monday, April 1st, Wil-Ru will be releasing our first compilation of WR artists called VA-WR037. This will be released digitally only via our bandcamp page for free (Name your own price). VA-WR037 will feature all exclusive tracks by WR artists and a few upcoming new artists as well.

We are extremely excited to present a brand new music video by Night Sequels (this track and music video will be included on the compilation)! For those of you who are not familiar yet, Night Sequels is a new project by Nick Huntington (Attacknine Records, Freescha, Terror Train, Christmas Lights, Canyon Country etc…).

This video is a real barbecue for the eyes! Enjoy this early sneak peek!

Ohrwert – Tracing Rays CD Out Now.

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Tracing Rays AD

Tracing Rays is the fourth full length solo album by Ohrwert and it’s out now on WR! Absolutely breathtaking minimalism by one of the Netherlands best electronic music producers, our good friend and latest recruit Arjen Schat. This is some of the most tastefully produced dub techno we’ve ever heard! Give it a whirl, words just don’t do it justice…

This CD is limited to 100 copies. Click here to investigate…

Only want Digital? Click here!

Ohrwert – Tracing Rays – Out on CD / Digital April 1st.

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Ohrwert – Sound Rays In The Lower Atmosphere (Official Music Video)

Coppice Halifax Vinyl Discount!

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Hey Everybody!
From now until the end of February, get Coppice Halifax’s “High Hawaiian Fog” LP for only $12.00 (previously $14.99)! Purchase the LP here.

Check out the vinyl only exclusive track “Pacific Opal Hex” for a taste…

Blind Slime – Mid-Atlantic Gothic (Cassette)

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Out today! A brand new full length album by Blind Slime! Mid-Atlantic Gothic takes us into some new darker territory than Blind Slime’s previous release True Country. Here we find lonelier soundscapes dictated by reverb-drenched guitars and church-like organs over a backdrop of articulate percussive precision. Quieting Liturgical funeral-pop psychedelia by the master J. Adams!

Available now as a limited edition Cassette release (Digital version included). Grab them while you can!

Click here to view this release!

By clicking here, you will enter a realm of digital music…

Lamont Kohner – Willamette Dubs (Double CD)

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Willamette Dubs CD
After a long summer, we are ready to welcome back the cold winter months with some new arctic sounds from WR’s latest member Lamont Kohner. Today marks the release of Willamette Dubs, the debut full length album by Lamont Kohner. Willamette Dubs is comprised of five long-form atmospheric dub techno works and a full second disc of Willamette Dubs remixes by Ndru, Ohrwert, Grey Deer, Morris Arch Nightwork and Coppice Halifax (who also happened to curate the remixes), adding up to nearly two hours of pure electronic bliss. Headphones are encouraged!

This double CD is limited to 100 copies, so grab them while supplies last.

Click here to view this release and listen to the album in its entirety.

Click here for digital release.

Lamont Kohner – Willamette Dubs Out Friday, November 16th, 2012

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Out November 16th on WR: the debut album by Lamont Kohner. A beautiful work of art called Willamette Dubs featuring five long form hard-edged moody dub techno tracks. This limited edition CD will also include a bonus disc featuring remixes of Willamette Dubs by Ndru, Ohrwert, Grey Deer, Morris Arch Nightwork and Coppice Halifax! Check back on November 16th to preview the album in it’s entirety.

Listen to WD1 (track one) here:

Lonely Mescal Button Haberdashery (Free Fall Mix By Morriconez)

Posted on:

LMBH mix

Morriconez dropped off a special treat for us today: a brand new free fall mix tape entitled “The Lonely Mescal Button Haberdashery”. As you can imagine with a title like that, this mix is loaded with some deep off the grid cuts and drugged-out pop obscurities a plenty! Masterfully mixed and compiled by Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens. Hypnotic and engaging mood music for the connoisseur…

Enjoy, this round is on Morriconez!

Track Listing:
1. Jim Sullivan “Highways”
2. The Moon “I Should Be Dreaming”
3. Donnie & Joe Emerson “My Heart”
4. Bernard Parmegiani “Dedans-dehors: En Phase/ Hors Phase”
5. Jah Shaka “Deliverance Dub”
6. Flaming Tunes “Breast Stroke Dub”
7. Corte Dei Miracoli “”…E Verra L’ Uomo”
8. Skip Spence “Grey/Afro” (very brief loop)
9. Jacques Dutronc “Hippie Hippie Hourah”
10. Nino Ferrer “A. Le Sud”
11. Jurgen Muller “Chasing Submarines”
12. Bonga “Balumukeno”
13. Augustus Pablo “King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown”
14. Jim Sullivan “Rosey”
15. Donnie & Joe Emerson “Give Me the Chance”
16. Jah Shaka “Blessings of Dub”
17. Johnny Jenkins “I Walk On Gilded Splinters”
18. Rahul Dev Burman’s “Teesri Manzil Theme Song”

Download mix tape here!

Feel free to stop by Jeff’s blog here for more curiosities…

Blind Slime – Dark Vibrations (In the Sky) Free digital EP!

Posted on:

album cover
Blind Slime returns to Wil-Ru with his brand new EP “Dark Vibrations (In the Sky)”. A free digital-only release featuring four lovely tracks of dark liturgical moon-lit psychedelia taken from the sessions of Blind Slime’s upcoming album Mid-Atlantic Gothic, which will be the official full-length follow up to last year’s excellent True Country release.

The single Dark Vibrations (In the Sky) [Taken from Mid-Atlantic Gothic] is joined here by three exclusive tracks: “Woad Robes”, “Stone Globe” and “Hazard’s Wall”, which will not appear on the upcoming album. An excellent teaser of things to come (very soon)! We couldn’t be more pleased..

Get the EP for free at our Wil-Ru Digital shop!

Click here to go to this release!

Ozarks – “As I Lay Sleeping” Music Video!

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Ozarks – As I Lay Sleeping from Robbie Augspurger on Vimeo.

Hello Everyone,
Over the weekend the new Ozarks music video was complete for their song “As I Lay Sleeping”. Now it’s presented here in HD for your viewing pleasure. It’s a mini gothic-horror film starring a Dracula played by Robbie Augspurger and former lord of the castle and ghost played by Eric Lee. Moody lighting and dark cob-webby atmospheres drive this short but sweet mini presentation.. Enjoy!