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Coppice Halifax – High Hawaiian Fog LP

Coppice Halifax - High Hawaiian Fog LP



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Roll out the red carpet, all the way down to the bottom of the sea, for the first Coppice Halifax album ever laid to the vinyl format, High Hawaiian Fog. Six dense constructions of seawater and sand, etched into two black sides, recalling influences such as GAS, Casino Versus Japan, The Caretaker and even Brian’s work as Milieu. Soaking wet reverbs gloss softly over creaking, rusty chords that bend and sway beneath the compressed pressure of an airtight bass drum. Light flecks across the surfaces like glitter and textures dance and play inside the slow-motion underwater beauty pageant for mermen and maids on opiates. This is womblike psychedelic techno made by scraping the bones of Stravinsky, Satie, Mussorgsky, Smetana, Debussy and Delius across drum machines on a plush carpeted dancehall, long since overgrown and forgotten by the sea on a silent cruise liner’s wreckage. Sunny and sad music for your hi-fi and subconscious.

Comes on thick black 140 gram long-playing vinyl inside a beautiful full color sleeve. Includes a download coupon for your choice of digital format of the near-80 minute expanded digital version of the album. The first 100 copies come with a bonus 3″ mini-CD-R called Arctic Liner Disintegration, an ambient reduction of the A-side track Equatorial Haze. This LP also features an exclusive vinyl only track titled “Pacific Opal Hex”. Limited to 500 copies.

Vinyl Track Listing:

A1 Miniature Island Fantasy
A2 Equatorial Haze
A3 Pacific Opal Hex
B1 Royal Purple Pageant
B2 Sunken Dancehall
B3 Amstar Paradise