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Panda Beach – Last Days Ashore CD (Reissue)

Panda Beach - Last Days Ashore CD (Reissue)


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Last Days Ashore is the first and only official release by Panda Beach. Ebi recorded these songs on a cell phone at her home in Jakarta Indonesia between May and August of 2009. Dark, moody and breathtakingly beautiful ethereal folk songs reminiscent of singers like Sybille Baier, Vashti Bunyan and Kazu Makino. Seven tracks in all filled with beautiful hand plucked guitar lines, dark pianos passages and Ebi’s soft haunting voice (and if you listen closely, you can even hear the monsoon rain bleeding through into the recordings from her open bedroom window). Last Days Ashore was one of the earliest Wil-Ru Releases and remains one of the best folk records we’ve heard in years. Can’t recommend this highly enough!

This limited edition CD reissue is housed in a black DVD case. All orders will receive a 3″ Panda Beach black vinyl sticker and a download coupon for your choice of digital format.

1. Boom (Featuring Chariots of Night)
2. River
3. Deeper
4. Dying Snail Sings
5. Gravity
6. Build An Ocean
7. I Will Not Pray