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Brian Grainger – Blue Wheatfield (Cassette)

Brian Grainger - Blue Wheatfield (Cassette)


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Blue Wheatfield is an ambient blues album, where guitar improvisation blurs the lines between drone music, psychedelia and pure modal sadness. Intended to be a specific part of an as-yet-unnamed canon within the Brian Grainger oeuvre, Wheatfield most resembles its Attacknine cousin from 2007, Eight Thousander. Looping passages of chords and tangled textures give slowly in to huge catacombs of spacious sound, and bedroom loneliness hangs over the impressionist creator like a black umbrella. In truth, the artist’s imposed listening order would be Eight Thousander, Nine Billion Names, (the yet to be released) Summer’s Parting Ways and finally Blue Wheatfield, meaning that what we’re hearing is the end of something…unless yet another link in the chain exists in an unseen destination ahead. The pondering of this possibility or the perceived connection Wheatfield bears to any of Grainger’s other works is ultimately pointless – Blue Wheatfield stands alone, swaying slowly beneath a full southern moon and a black oil sky, pricked with the wounds of nine billion names of God. One by one, the stars go out…

Each order will receive:
• A Blue Wheatfield cassette
• A Blue Wheatfield digital download coupon (in cassette) that features your choices of high quality digital format and desktop wallpaper graphics
• A 3×4 inch black and white Brian Grainger “lips” logo vinyl sticker

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