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Wil-Ru Records

CN – The Derelict LP (Clear Vinyl)

CN - The Derelict LP (Clear Vinyl)


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Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik returns with his third full length album as CN with The Derelict. The sequel to his 2011 concept album The Expedition Beyond, The Derelict unravels a new chapter in the story of a space traveller wandering the galaxy in his starship only to crash-land on a foreign planet and encounter new lifeforms. The shuffle of crisp airy high hats and punchy robotic rhythms lay down the framework for CN’s signature cosmic sound. Beautiful hardware based electronic sounds paint a colorful soundscape with blissful arpeggios and soothing washed out synth pads over groovy moving bass-lines, creating lush atmospheric listen that is as chill as it is suitable for the dance floor. Ten new tracks of highly melodic motivating braindance music to get utterly lost in…

This limited edition LP features cover paintings by Adam Burke and design by Eric Adrian Lee. Limited to 500 copies in clear and black vinyl from WeMe and Wil-Ru Records. Digital version sold separately.

Track listing:

A1 Resuscitation
A2 Cross-Galactic Relay System
A3 Through Interstellar Mist
A4 Phantom Automaton
A5 Nerves And Distress
B1 Assistant
B2 The Submerged Oracle
B3 Visitor Encountered
B4 The Hollowed Lairs
B5 Homesick

Digital version can be purchased here, or directly from the artist here.

European customers: save on shipping and buy directly from WeMe records here.