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Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – JWS (Digital Album)

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - JWS (Digital Album)

Currently unavailable

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens has always been somewhat of a musical cameleon. Throughout the years he has played in numerous groups (Greorge & Caplin, Wentworth Kersey, LONG E short e to name a few) and in recent years he has also put out a handful of solo records under various monikers (Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens, Morriconez etc.) in a variety of musical styles (each one having it’s own unique/distinct sound). His latest work JWS feels very much like an expression of his overall musical career all wrapped up into one cohesive thought; A collage of all of his musical interests all coming together to create a mutant hybrid of sound, combining both his love for rock and electronic music aesthetics into one seamless (and fun) sound. Over the course of these 11 tracks, JWS projects a strong feeling of freedom and expression without reservation or rules. Raw dance-floor drum machined breaks joined by saw-wave bass line grit, warm euphoric synth pads and disembodied vocal samples all glued together by generous helpings of distortion and general bloopy warehouse weirdness. JWS is living proof that rock and electronics were meant for each other.

This album is available for free (name your price) via our WR bandcamp site here.

• This album is available as a digital only release from Wil-Ru Records. Each download includes bonus desktop wallpaper graphics for you home computer featuring artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.

• A limited edition recyclable USB drive in a computer body bag which contains the full JWS album in WAV format and two bonus music videos can be purchased directly from Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens bandcamp site here. Limited to 50 copies.