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Coppice Halifax – Opal (Music Video)

Posted on:

Hey everyone,
check out this uber spacey music video for Coppice Halifax‘s track Opal from the new Coppice Halifax CD Pacific Opal Hex. Slow morphing vaporous colors rippling into a distant peaceful infinity (actually 22:56 minutes long, holy cow!). Viewing recommended in HD! This video was made by Paull from (oddly enough) Halifax U.K.

Thanks Paull, that was sweet!

You can check out more of Paull’s video work on his youtube channel here!

Blind Slime – True Country (Cassette)

Posted on:

Wil-Ru is proud to announce the release of True Country, a brand new album by West Virginia dweller J Adams, more commonly known as Blind Slime! This is the 4th studio album by Blind Slime and the first to grace the Wil-Ru catalog! True Country is a sixteen track expedition into warped guitar-driven psychedelia. Mastered by Brian Grianger at Botany Bay! The perfect soundtrack for trolling the streets and looking for treats on Halloween night…

Steak yours now, before some huge Dracula vanishes into the fog with the rest!!

Limited edition of 100 slime green cassettes in audiobook packaging.

All orders will receive an immediate high quality digital download of True County and a Blind Slime 3×3″ black vinyl sticker!

Click here to investigate further!

To stream entire album or purchase digital version, click here!

Still reading? Enhance your life by scrolling down to watch the music video for Panhandle Moon! You will be glad you did!

Blind Slime – Panhandle Moon (Music Video)

Posted on:

Check out this psychedelic music video for “Panhandle Moon”, taken from the beautiful new instrumental rock album by Blind Slime (Jason Adams) called “True Country”. Out this Friday on WR! Check back then for more details!

For more Blind Slime videos, check out Jason’s channel on youtube here!

Coppice Halifax – Pacific Opal Hex CD Available Now!

Posted on:

After a long day shooting for his new film “Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key“, Italian movie star and fashion trendsetter Ivan Rassimov retreats to his on-set trailer. Ah, but this is not just a trailer – it is a luxury home away from home. Yes, Ivan can still enjoy Hungarian cognac and fine opera from the comfort of his Nitrous series living room set, designed by the reclusive E. A. Lee. Premier upholstery meets European craftsmanship to provide the most spacious and comfortable furniture available! Take it from Ivan: “The Nitrous is like style – you either have it, or you don’t”

Other testimonials:
“So comfy, I bought two!”Daria Nicolodi
“I can’t believe it was only twenty bucks!”John Saxon
“When I sleep on the Nitrous couch I dream of golden guitars!”Alessandro Alessandroni
“Need a new sofa? Get yourself a Nitrous because I said so”Robert Hoffmann

WR presents the latest installment from Brian Grainger’s highly addictive Coppice Halifax project. Three new beautifully crafted blissed-out extended listening tracks make up Coppice Halifax’s new album Pacific Opal Hex. A stunning trip through waves of vaporous synth washes, minimal sub-aquatic hypnotic rhythms and warm dubby bass lines, all on a bed of relaxing white noise. You won’t want this journey to end!

Limited pressing of 100 CDs housed in frosted translucent DVD cases.

All orders will also receive:

• A Pacific Opal Hex desktop graphic
• A full color 11×17 modular furniture poster
• An immediate download of Pacific Opal Hex featuring alternate digital artwork.

Click here to view this release!

Buy the digital version here.

Jeremiah R. – The 5th Dimension (CD)

Posted on:

A glossy new stream of consciousness entitled “The 5th Dimension” by Jeremiah R. has finally arrived at the WR home base! These ten fresh cuts of nebulous ambient electro are guaranteed to lock you in a celestial meditation chamber and take you on a mental quest through space and time. Tastefully written and produced by MDV, from the beautiful city of Rotterdam, Holland.

The 5th Dimension is presented as a Compact Disc housed in a bright orange DVD case, limited to 100 copies.

All orders will receive an immediate high quality digital download of the album that also includes a 5th Dimension desktop graphic for your home computer.

The door has been opened, now enter the 5th Dimension…

Click here for details!

Click here to stream the entire album!

Click here for a free download of “Universe Within”.

Ozarks Album Trailer

Posted on:

The trailer for the upcoming Ozarks LP! It should be coming out on vinyl on Wil-Ru Records sometime in the winter of 2011/2012. Full versions of select songs can be heard at

Side A:
I’m Never Bored
Strong As Death
Pyramids of Love
Diamonds, Objects of Desire
I Advance in Years
New Drone
Her Hands
Little Cowboy

Side B:
Baby Spoons
Red in Tooth and Claw
Out of Tune
Strange Trees
As I Lay Sleeping

Coppice Halifax – High Hawaiian Fog LP

Posted on:

A massive new record by Coppice Halifax! Commited to classic black vinyl in an elegant full color LP jacket, High Hawaiian Fog is the first Coppice Halifax album to ever be released on vinyl. This limited 500 copy edition features six beautiful long-playing tracks of washy ambient techno.

This release also comes with:

• an immediate download of the expanded digital version of High Hawaiian Fog. This version includes the original uncut versions of the tracks, two additional tracks from the sessions and two “locked-groove” loop patches. Over 70 minutes of music!
• A vinyl only exclusive track titled Pacific Opal Hex.
• Coppice Halifax and WR 3″ black vinyl stickers.

– The first 100 copies come with a bonus 3″ mini-CD-R called Arctic Liner Disintegration, an ambient reduction of the A-side track Equatorial Haze.

Get it here!

Brian Grainger / Biathalon – Backwater Fumes 7″ EP

Posted on:

A brand new 4 track split 7″ EP by Brian Grainger & Biathalon! This limited edition 500 copy release is presented in a beautiful full color jacket on marbled purple vinyl. Swampy psychedelic pop meets dusky ambient drones…

This package also includes:

• An immediate high quality digital download of the expanded version of Backwater Fumes featuring two bonus remixes: Brian Grainger – Mudd’s Boots [Night Sequels Mix] (by Nick Huntington of Freescha) and Biathalon – Moss [Coppice Halifax Expansion]. Twenty three minutes of music.

• A Brian Grainger “Lips” sticker and a Biathalon “Mount Hood” op-art sticker.

Click here to view this release!

Also, don’t forget to stop by Attacknine this month and check out the new limited edition FREESCHA Babies in your Body/Hearbreak Attack 7″!

Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez – The Poquito Pioneer

Posted on:

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (of Wentworth Kersey and George & Caplin) has graced WR with this beautiful new solo EP “The Poquito Pioneer”. This is one of two solo records by Mr. Stevens that are being released this month. This one under the moniker “Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez” and the other under his name. Click on WR Releases for details and samples! Don’t forget to stop by Plastic Sound Supply and check out his other new EP “Highway Driveway” out July 13th. You’ll want them both!

CN – The Expedition Beyond

Posted on:

The new album by CN (Stian Gjevik of EOD) is out now on WR! Get it while supplies last. These are some deep cuts that you won’t want to miss! Click on WR Releases for details and audio samples!

PS. Keep an eye out for a digital only release available soon at Itunes, Amazon and many other good digital music distributors!