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Forrest – Summer Sounds Asleep (CD)

Forrest - Summer Sounds Asleep (CD)


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Summer Sounds Asleep is one of two recent albums by Warren Kroll (as Forrest) of The Red Falcon Projects on the excellent I, Absentee label. Summer Sounds Asleep is made up of five smoky drone works and four excellent remixes. Remixes include two by Warren’s Dorosoto project, a remix by Orlando Copping, and a stunning remix by Brian Grainger as Milieu. Put it all together and you get an outstanding listening experience that makes you feel like you are a child again, drinking icy lemonade outside on a hot summer evening. Forrest’s hazy drones have a certain quality about them that make you forget where you are and get lost in your thoughts. Expect more great thinks from Forrest later on this year!

I, Absentee records was kind enough to give us a small handful of these for our distro section.

Limited edition CDs housed in digipak sleeves featuring design work by WR’s own Eric Adrian Lee.

1. Free Loop I
2. Big Ben, Parliament
3. Free Loop II
4. Can You See?
5. Mercy (Fading)
6. Free Loop I (Faded Loop) By Dorosoto
7. Can You See? (Orlando Copping Mix)
8. Free Loop I (Dub) By Dorosoto)
9. Free Loop II (Ring Drones Mmx) By Milieu

1 – 5 performed and recorded by Warren Forrest Kroll, August 2006.
6 additional production by Dorosoto.
7 additional production by Orlando Copping
8 additional production by Dorosoto
9 additional production by Milieu

Mastered by The Analog Botanist.
Photography by Robbie Augspurger (cover) and Warren Kroll (tray).
Photo manipulation and design by Eric Adrian Lee.

For other releases by I, Absentee. Please visit them on the web here.