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Blind Slime – Echofog (Digital Album)

Blind Slime - Echofog (Digital Album)

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…On a cold and stormy night, the back door of a seedy club creaks open, filling the dark alley way with spiraling kaleidoscopic lights, as wicked fuzz guitars and rumbling pipe organs echo through the lamp-lit street into the hollow of the darkened sky. The door slams shut. Thunder cracks overhead as a tenebrous caped figure emerges from the shadows dragging what appears to be a fresh corpse. A flash of lightning illuminates the night sky sending a blast of white light dancing across the jagged rooftops. Something is now missing. As you search the surrounding streets for motion, the glint of a blade blinds you temporarily as the sound of boot heals scurry off into the darkness. Was it a man or a woman? Where did they go? You feel an ominous presence lurking in the surrounding shadows… Unable to compose yourself, you let out a scream of fear that only seems to return. You are completely alone. Even the muted clatter of the nearby night club seems to be absent all of the sudden. You frantically search the contents of your pockets for a book of matches… Cigarettes. A ring of skeleton keys. Handkerchief. Skittles. A lone candy corn, and finally matches… You slowly stumble forward with an out-streatched hand feeling at the dark damp air in front of you. As you strike a match, a long black whip taps you on the shoulder.

Dies irae, dies illa…

The latest nightmare by J. Adams brings us twelve new tracks that dial in on the heavier side of late 60’s fuzz pop, presented in true Blind Slime fashion: Dark, driving and liturgical, casually mixing the sacred with the profane. Echofog (Blind Slime’s fourth release on Wil-Ru Records) takes you even deeper into the dark and dusty nooks and crannies of the mind, into a ghoulish realm of psychedelic horror. Echofog is the perfect soundtrack for digging your own grave.

Happy Halloween!

Each download includes free Echofog desktop wallpapers, a music video for The World by Blind Slime (Filmed by J. Adams) and a printable CD cover for those of you who like crafts or bootlegging.

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