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Coppice Halifax – Pacific Opal Hex CD Available Now!

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After a long day shooting for his new film “Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key“, Italian movie star and fashion trendsetter Ivan Rassimov retreats to his on-set trailer. Ah, but this is not just a trailer – it is a luxury home away from home. Yes, Ivan can still enjoy Hungarian cognac and fine opera from the comfort of his Nitrous series living room set, designed by the reclusive E. A. Lee. Premier upholstery meets European craftsmanship to provide the most spacious and comfortable furniture available! Take it from Ivan: “The Nitrous is like style – you either have it, or you don’t”

Other testimonials:
“So comfy, I bought two!”Daria Nicolodi
“I can’t believe it was only twenty bucks!”John Saxon
“When I sleep on the Nitrous couch I dream of golden guitars!”Alessandro Alessandroni
“Need a new sofa? Get yourself a Nitrous because I said so”Robert Hoffmann

WR presents the latest installment from Brian Grainger’s highly addictive Coppice Halifax project. Three new beautifully crafted blissed-out extended listening tracks make up Coppice Halifax’s new album Pacific Opal Hex. A stunning trip through waves of vaporous synth washes, minimal sub-aquatic hypnotic rhythms and warm dubby bass lines, all on a bed of relaxing white noise. You won’t want this journey to end!

Limited pressing of 100 CDs housed in frosted translucent DVD cases.

All orders will also receive:

• A Pacific Opal Hex desktop graphic
• A full color 11×17 modular furniture poster
• An immediate download of Pacific Opal Hex featuring alternate digital artwork.

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Buy the digital version here.