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Morriconez – Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death (CD)

Morriconez - Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death (CD)



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Formerly known as Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez, Morriconez (our good friend from Denver, Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens) emerges with a brand new thirteen track full length called “Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death”. A highly cinematic listen full of colorful arrangements that lure you deeper and deeper into the mirage. Reverb drenched twang echoes from dusty guitar strings as distant trumpet lines blur into swelling synthesized waves of melody. Accompanied by warm bass tones and chopped nostalgic breakbeats, Jeff delivers his shadowy lyrics in a deep baritone style reminiscent of a mid-seventies Iggy Pop. A lush visual journey that takes you through picturesque painted western landscapes and abandoned ghost towns faded by the kiss of the desert sun into a cool silhouette of otherworldly terrain on a rainbow horizon… A circuit-bent spaghetti western fever dream!

Limited 150 copy CD pressing housed in a clear DVD cases. Includes a download coupon for your choice of digital format and bonus desktop wallpaper graphics for your home computer.

Track listing:
01 Southwest Serenade
01 Saguaro Mescal Moustache
03 Somnambulant
04 Oval Sunrise
05 Tierra De Nadie
06 A Long Long Trail
07 Sandoval In D
08 Once Upon A Time
09 Requiescant
10 Tummy Time In A Mirage
11 Picturesque Chapultepec
12 Desert Ship
13 A Pair Of Mittens

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