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Brian Grainger – Biathalon – Backwater Fumes 7 inch EP

Brian Grainger - Biathalon - Backwater Fumes 7 inch EP



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Longtime friends Eric Adrian Lee and Brian Grainger finally unite on Backwater Fumes, a 7″ split EP on marbled vinyl. Brian’s side starts the affair with Mudd’s Boots, a track that sounds as if ZZ Top were recorded on a wax cylinder, performing in a country line dancing club out in the swamp, and just as the band picks up the groove, zombies burst onto the dancefloor spewing swamp muck everywhere, only to be dowsed in bourbon and set on fire. After the panic dies down, Eric puts on his Biathalon disguise and cleverly sneaks onstage to flip the record over. Like aural heroin, the sounds of Moss seep out of the speakers and liquefy the minds of the line dancers. Subtle detuning and modulation vibrates through the walls and somehow, everything feels lighter for a moment. Satisfied, Brian bursts through the club’s backdoor and meets Eric in mid-air with a Milli Vanilli style high five. At this precise moment, the PA system explodes but a fuzzed out signal incessantly pushes itself through the smoke and wires. Gigantic bass kicks storm the building as a cloaked figure can be barely made out through the haze…this must be Night Sequels, appearing unexpectedly with his blistering remix of Mudd’s Boots. Scrambling, Brian and Eric frantically search for the breaker box, otherwise, if Night Sequels is not stopped, the world could be destroyed. Hell, so could the entire universe. At the last possible second, the boys cut power, dispelling Night Sequels back to his evil realm for another millenia, and Brian quickly restarts a charred black laptop to deliver the last burnt jam of the night: a dense, woodsy Coppice Halifax remix of Moss. Midranges smooth over the din and reverb smears reality left and right until we’re left with one blurry camera lens. What just happened?

This 7″ is presented in a beautiful full color sleeve and includes a digital download coupon of the EP that features two bonus remixes by Coppice Halifax and Night Sequels (Nick Huntington of Freescha), expanding the release to 6 songs total. Twenty three minutes of warped electronic psychedelia… Limited to 500 copies!

Vinyl Track Listing:
A1 Brian Grainger – Mudd’s Boots
A2 Brian Grainger – Creedence Swampwater Revenge
B1 Biathalon – Goomy
B2 Biathalon – Moss