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Wil-Ru Records

The Swedish Movements


Straddling the line between motivational self help tapes and
synthesizer drenched new age psychedelia, circuit-bender Steve Harmon
(The Swedish Movements) creates spaced-out synth meditations,
progressive electro-pop and other foggy mutations of dated analogue
synth muzak. In the vein of early electronic pioneers such as
Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Space Art, The Swedish Movements
conjure up imagery of 80’s government conspiracy films, corporate
training videos, D.A.R.Y.L. and other early electronic themes lifted
from your favorite VHS tapes.



Various Artists – Synthrotek/WR Modular Compilation Out Now.

Now available from WR! The first collaboration between WR and Synthrotek DIY electronics: a thirteen track compilation CD featuring artists working nearly exclusively with modular synthesizers! Far out electronic sounds from some members of the WR family as well as some special guests. Dive deep into the world of modular synthesis with artists such as […]

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