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Wil-Ru Records

The Red Falcon Projects


Planet Falcon, 2085: Ruben Synthster and Mugg E. Slammaz, a duo of neon road warriors have taken it upon themselves to bring the ghosts of a bygone electronic era back to life. Through the use of drum machines, lasers, synthesizers and mullets, they vow to fight the forces of evil with their mighty beats and spaced ambient textures, and bring much needed Falcon grooves to Galuga archipelago, Earth and the many worlds beyond. With the help of their loyal Falconers, the duo have formed an elite collective, known though out the galaxies as The Red Falcon Projects.



Biathalon – Sleepless Cassette/Digital album out now.

Biathalon returns with a new ambient piece called Sleepless. In addition to the original version, Sleepless also contains remixes by WR’s own Lamont Kohner, Forrest (Warren Kroll of The Red Falcon Projects), Grischa Lichtenberger (of Raster Noton records), Gold Coast (a new project of David Tagg) and the always amazing Coppice Halifax. Over an hour […]

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